Fresh & Fabulous LLC
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Meet Your Florist

Fresh & Fabulous LLC is owned and operated by Juliet Hahn. Juliet’s passion for designing floral arrangements began at an early age when she was exposed to the wedding scene through her mother’s bridal boutique on the east coast.  While living in Chicago, she was further influenced by the wedding industry and attended the annual market fashion show for bridal and prom gown purchases.

When Juliet and her family moved to Helena, she decided to turn her passion for floral design into a business. She established Fresh & Fabulous LLC in 2013 to offer clients affordable floral arrangements with style, while expressing the individual’s personality.

Fresh & Fabulous specializes in creating custom floral packages for weddings, prom and all other major life event celebrations. Flowers provide the final touch any bride or hostess needs to achieve their vision, whether it’s a fariytale, boho or rustic themed event.  Fresh & Fabulous supplies the highest quality of product and works with many floral distributors throughout the country.  Juliet attends floral seminars and design classes regularly to continue to bring the latest floral trends to Helena. 

Recently, Fresh & Fabulous expanded its product line to include, not only fabulous floral designs, but also an amazing skincare line.  Visit our Skincare Product page to read more about it.  Don't limit yourself to fabulous flowers on your wedding day!  Make sure your skin looks and feels fabulous too!

Contact Fresh & Fabulous today at [email protected] for your consultation or for more information.